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Our default grading costs absolutely nothing and never will. Use our grading templates and keep your players accountable. Let us know if you want more.



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Click on the link in your email inbox to activate your account.


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Access MyPage

Once signed in, you will have immediate access to MyPage


Click on Coaches/Add a Coach

Add the Team’s Head Coach


Add a Team

Click on Teams and select the Add a Team option. This should be the Team you intend to grade.


Add Athletes

This will automatically set up an account for your athletes and allow each athlete to view his/her scores online.


Add Events

From the drop-down menu, choose a sport: Basketball, Football, Baseball/Softball/Pitching, Tennis, Soccer.


Add and Score Players

Use the drop-down menu to select a player, type in his/her position played for that contest then


Save, Review, and Update

Go back to My Page where the event, players and scores are listed to double-check the numbers

Registering & Setting Up Your Account

Adding & Grading Events

Generating GameGrade Reports

Building Reusable Templates

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Why haven't I received my confirmation link yet?

Please check your bulk/spam folder.

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How to I create a new athlete?

When creating a new athlete, you can check the box at the top of the form that reads “Do you want to create an account for this athlete?”

Enter a valid email address for that athlete, and an email confirmation will be sent to that address along with a temporary password.

This will automatically set up an account for your athletes and allow each athlete to view his/her scores online. Note that athletes can only view THEIR scores. You control all input of data.


What if I make a mistake when entering data?

Below each button is a “Clear All” button to completely clear scores from that attribute AND a button to subtract score increments. Both buttons make mistakes easy to correct!

We understand that many sports (football, soccer, basketball) use film for grading purposes. Baseball and softball coaches may use the Scorebook for grading.

Baseball/Softball coaches: We highly recommend using our In-Game Grading Card. You can download it free on our Charts Page or go here for more.


What if I need to enter more than 15 players?

If you need to grade more than 15 players, simply save the 15 you have graded and more grading columns will appear for you to grade more players. Please note that:

  • Each player should have a score and, below that, a team total
  • Your players can view their scores online! Simply make sure you check the box at the top of the “Add an Athlete” page and provide a valid email address.
  • Otherwise, use the “Print View” to present your Reports to your players and others.

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GameGrade is NOT a scouting agency or service nor is it associated with any scouting agency or service.

GameGrade does NOT recruit nor is associated with any recruiting agency or service.

GameGrade is strictly an accountability tool and it is ultimately the decision of the coach or coaches to determine teams, starters and playing time.