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Specializing in digital and non-digital accountability for coaches, players, scouts, fans and parents.

Providing a unique perspective into player and team performances. Different things are important to different coaches. If you teach it. You should test it. And that’s who we are.

Either a fundamental is performed or it isn’t. Either a player works within your philosophical boundaries or they don’t.

At GameGrade, we believe that by putting values to the fundamentals you teach, you are teaching the value of the game.

Why Choose us

Examples of player properties and team attributes missing from most scorecards or scorebooks

Missing the cut-off man

Missing a block

Moving to the open spot

8-Pitch at Bat

Carrying out Fakes

Setting a screen

Opposite field line drive

Blocking Out

going through motions

What are your expectations?

This company was founded on the basis of efficiency and effectiveness.

The whole idea is to make it easier on you. The Coach.

The one who has to get buses ready for a road trip – mow - do field maintenance – practice schedules – lineups - etc.

GameGrade will always have default grading templates available and FREE to use for coaches. So please, use what will help you and your program.

We are here to help.

So let us help! Use GameGrade. It's free.

We know and understand the value of TIME and the importance of accountability of players. We think you will find GameGrade efficient and effective.

We believe holding players accountable for what they're coached to do is of the utmost importance.


GameGrade is NOT a scouting agency or service nor is associated with any scouting agency or service.

GameGrade does NOT recruit nor is associated with any recruiting agency or service.

GameGrade is strictly an accountability tool and it is ultimately the decision of the coach or coaches to determine teams, starters and playing time.